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So…How Old is Old?

Some experts say that in order for an item to be classified as vintage, it must be an item of quality at least 20 years old, but other experts in the field say it must be at least 40 years old. Some of us believe that vintage is whatever you decide it means as the owner of a quality and enduring piece! 

vintage-goods“Vintage” comes in all sizes, shapes and forms; it can be crusty, chipped, worn, battered, crooked, discolored, curly, plain or crazed, and vintage items can be big or small. If you love vintage, you appreciate the value of the piece you love because it gives off an aura of warmth, history and charm and piques your interest in its past. 

Those who love vintage

vintage-goodsoften display items from the past alongside, and in combination with, other styles like contemporary or modern décor and in just a few rooms, while others may display vintage throughout the whole house. 

Whatever the depth of your passion for vintage, and your experience with purchasing and using it, here are some ideas for adding a vintage look and feel to your favorite spaces: 

  1. Work with your current “theme” or style, and color palate/use of pattern and texture in your home. Keep these factors in mind whenever/ wherever you shop to create of a cohesive look. Decide what look you are trying to accomplish as you add vintage. Is it farmhouse, cottage, shabby chic, rustic, country or a combination of styles? 

  2. Shop in your own garage or storage unit. What do you already have that could become “new” vintage ware? Make space by donating or selling whatever isn’t going to work for your theme. 

  3. Get to know your regional thrift stores and track their discount days. Watch for dates of occasional shops where you have spotted vintage pieces that appeal to you. 

  4. Be ready with supplies for creating a “vintage look” for purchases that may need a bit of altering: paint, sandpaper, rags, furniture oil, soap and water and a variety of tools. 

  5. Take tools along on your vintage shopping adventures. You may need to temporarily remove the legs or arms of a piece of furniture in order to transport it safely. 

  6. Watch neighborhood home or garage sales. Great bargains can be had purchasing other’s treasures. 

  7. Don’t forget to shop other areas/rooms in your own home! Move things into new areas to perk up a lonely spot and make room for a “new” vintage piece. 

  8. Be willing to balance the price of a vintage item that you really love by purchasing other items from thrift shops. 

  9. Start small! If your goal is to add vintage accents to your home, start with just one room or a corner of your main living area. 

  10. Follow your favorites on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram for inspiration; or seek out advice from local vintage dealers.

Best wishes for happy and successful shopping and decorating vintage style!


Judy Karlson Owner of Vintage Goods A shop within a shop Located at The Goat, Northfield & The Pearl Button, Lake City 



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