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Home Network File Sharing

By Chad Aldrich, Aldrich Technology Consulting

home-networkingMore and more of us have data to share with other family members or even outside of the home to friends and family over the internet. Sure, you could use Google or Apple to host some of these files or pictures to share, but what if it is a large amount of files or a large video file? These type of hosts often have file size limits. One solution would be a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.

A NAS device allows you to store virtually unlimited data and be able to share it over the internet to friends and family. It is like having your own personal cloud right in your home. Store your entire collection of vacation photos on a NAS and share the whole album with anybody you want. Simply send them a link to the shared files and they can log in from wherever they are to view your photos and videos.

Other uses for a NAS include storing movies, home videos and photos and playing them to your favorite smart TV or media player. Some NAS devices even allow you to connect a network camera for surveillance, which can record video right to the NAS, and give you the ability to watch live feed or recordings of those videos from anywhere, including your mobile phone. It can also work as your own personal Dropbox, syncing files from one computer to another within a set folder. Another use would be to store your entire music collection, which can be shared to multiple computers.

Most NAS devices have multiple hard drives for redundancy so the data is mirrored on more than one drive. That way if one drive fails you can continue to use the device until you replace the bad drive with a new one. There is even an option to backup your data to a cloud solution for off-site backup, which ensures that your precious family memories are not lost.

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