The Entertainment Guide

Chart House

chart-houseWhat is Chart House?

The Chart House is a restaurant and event center that’s been around since 1968 on the shores of Lake Kingsley.

What’s with the boat in the yard?

Great! Right?! It’s the entrance to the restaurant and our offices. We have a great lounge and lots of spaces for events, like weddings. We also have a couple of boats that can be reserved to cruise on the lake (BYOB). They’re popular for smaller parties. And, we have a Jimmy Buffet-style bar in the summer.


What’s your favorite thing about Chart House?

I really love that it’s a small family business and the customers are people we know. Chart House supports a lot of the Lakeville schools’ sports teams and has deep connections to Lakeville through involvement with those teams.

chart-houseTell us about a funny story about Chart House.

We have several outbuildings for storing off-season decorations and supplies. One of them has all of our Halloween decorations, including a “guy” sitting on an electric chair. A few years ago, I sent a new employee out to find something in the shed. When he got close to the chair, I turned it on, and the employee nearly jumped out of his skin! He stuck around and worked with us for a long time; it was all in good fun.



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